Advanced Reporting for Shipstation

Stockboy leverages Shipstation data to provide improved dashboards for eCommerce sellers. Get more insight into top selling products, customer loyalty and marketplace sales data.


'Burn Rate'

How fast is it selling? Calculated without FBA double-count

Searchable Sales Chart

Quickly adjust date range and use the quick search to zoom in on particular products

Customer Insights

Customer loyalty, location, repeat rate, lifetime value and customer since.

Alias Merging

Get sales data about products, merged across channels, in one place.

Priced For Small Business

Who has money for tons of software? Reasonably priced to help your business grow!

Build Custom Reports

Need a report that would help your business? Describe it and we'll build it (if we can!)

Actionable Data, Fast

Sales Rate, Out of Stock Dates, Cost of Goods Sold & More

ShipStation is great, but we wanted more data calculated on demand. Stockboy performs the heavy lifting of merging product aliases and calculating sales rates. Upload inventory from ShipStation and calculate days inventory remaining. With convenient inventory cost input, calculate COGs on the fly! We have customer insights, shipment reports and per-product sales trend reports. Everything you need to optimize your eCommerece business.

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6 Ways Stockboy Helps

Product Burn Rate

Quickly see sales per sku per day or average quantity sold

Mobile Access

Same data on your phone as on the desktop. Rapid search and data when you need it.

Handle FBA Inventory Transfer

Track Inventory in Shipstation but sell on FBA? Stockboy fixes pesky Quantity Double-count.

Customer Repeat Rate

Determine how often customers re-purchase along with lifetime purchase details

Alias Merging

No more messy multi-channel reports. Import your alias list for crystal clear reporting

Export to CSV

Simple, universal export of data. Select dates, search and sort - then export.


$8 /mo


  • ShipStation API Connection
  • ShipStation Alias & Inventory Import
  • Email support
  • 30-Day Free Trial

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